Nanny / Maid - We're at La Preneuse

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a full time nanny/maid who is happy to look after my children, clean and cook.
I have 2 children 1.5 yr old boy & an almost 3 yr old girl.

We are extremely fare, but my husband is picky. He likes his house clean and tidy, we usually do this ourselves, but our working hours are not being kind so we need the extra help.

I am looking for someone who:
- Understands this age
- Can handle a tantrum and not give in - 'no means no'
- Is happy to take the kids out of the house every day weather permitting
- Is outgoing and fun but can assert authority if needed

We really need someone who can become part of this family.

We live at La Preneuse.

If you know anyone who would be suitable. Please PM me. English is not important but would definitely  help as I am the one who will be greeting them every morning. My husband is Mauritian.

Thanks in advance! Happy Friday!

Hi Keara2611,

could you please drop an advert in the Personal and household services job offers in Mauritius section of the website ?

Interested members will contact you.

Thank you in advance,

Merci Bhavna, I have done this. Have a great weekend.

Hello im very interested for your job can i have your contact number plzz

Joelle laridain :

Hello im very interested for your job can i have your contact number plzz

HI Joelle,

We found someone who we are trialling already. I will contact you if anything changes.

Thank you.


Hi Keara, good night!

I saw your offer and was interested, I have experience as babysitter, social jobs and home care. I speak English, Spanish and Portugese.
But as you already found someone, please feel free to contact me if you have any changes.
My e-mail is nataliemoreira1[at]

Thank you very much,
Kind Regards

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