Residency Visa and Temporary Residency easy to be REJECTED?

Hi, in these days I'm trying to understand how the Residency Visa and the Temporary Residency process it works. A lot of info and a lot of different opinions about it. Anyway , what I'm looking today is what you guys think about the simplicity or not to achieve them. Do you know if there are high chances of being REJECTED? And maybe due to small defects in the documents? Thanks all.

If documents are 100% correct and filled in correctly and you pass your physical then chance or rejection are very slim.

Like everything else in lf you do it right it usually works out.

Bob K

Any  errors are likely to be rejected. Don't have enough copies of documents -  rejected. 

IF its done right and you pass the physical and you qualify for the program you applied under then you are fine...........

Thanks Bob and Planner. Very appreciated

You are welcome and good luck

Bob K

Don't expect that completing the process will happen fast. I started August 2015, went through the Immigration medical last May and still waiting to find out when I can collect my Resistance card.

Wow Stan that should be complete.  Friend of mine  did her medical etc in May and her residencia was approved and she picked it up end of August!

Just a quick note, the length of a process may vary as not all cases are the same.  There are different factors that may contribute to extending a process and once a file is deposited with the Immigration Dept. the length of time is out of the applicant's hands.  The most that can be done is to follow up until the process is complete.

The Residency Process  experience of StanR it seems a nightmare ! Until the Residency is not approved , the applicant is allowed to living in DR also if the period is longer that 6 months? I have a doubt, in the period of time of waiting,  the applicant cannot leave the Country? Thanks again

You can come and go as wanted, no worries!!!

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