Marrying my danish boyfriend. How to bring my two children?

Hello!  My name is Monica.  I´ll marry my Danish boyfriend in November and hope to move to Denmark as soon as possible, probably in January and no later than April.  I also plan  to have my 18 year old daughter and 17 year old son move with me, so if anyone has any recommendations for an immigration lawyer that is not expensive but is effective, I would really appreciate it.  Also, if anyone on the fórum can give me any advice on how to have my daughter migrate with me without too much hassle, I would appreciate it greatly. 
I was a Spanish teacher, though my main line of experience is in quality assurance in the food industry.  I´d love to meet people and give them some insight into my country of origin, Guatemala.

Hello Monica and welcome to

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Hi Monica

Do you know this website: … cation.htm

You find the application forms here. … _apply.htm

If you want to have a lawyer's opinion on you and your daughter's chances for obtaining a residence permit, you can find a lawyer by googling the words: udlændinge, familiesammenføring or opholdstilladelse, advokat. I guess that the lawyer fee will be from 3,000 DKK and upwards per hour so do get a quotation from a couple or more as their prices vary.

There is also the communion: Ægteskab uden grænser which offers advice to its members.

Less, but not least: Put your question to the Danish Immigration Service.
There is a link in the last paragraph on this homepage: … cation.htm


Thank you very much Kenjee.  I´m sure others in similar situations will benefit from the answers to my questions.

Nellie Berg!  You are a dear!  Yes, thank you.  I´ve read the nyidanmark site over and over again, but I seem to get more confused as I go. 
As far as I can see, getting my temporary residency will not be a problem since we will be applying under the reunification with spouse rules.  My main concern is how to help my daughter migrate..  Perhaps that will have to wait until I have a temporary residency and I can ask for reunification with other members of the family. 
There´s also the matter of her graduating from high school this year.  Even if we did have the money to pay for her college tuition (which frankly is extremely high for non EU citizens), we wouldn´t be able to take her to Denmark because she would need to take 2 more years of Danish high school, according to the Study in Denmark site.  How would that work then?  Would a public Danish school accept her?  What would I have to do?

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