General Budget for Basics, For a Single Guy in Vietnam??

I am planning to relocate to Vietnam, most likely one of the 3 major cities.  I wanted to get a general idea from those of you living there what is a basic budget for a single guy.

I realize other luxuries and stuff like dating, sight-seeing, etc. fluctuate based on lifestyle.. so i'm just interested in the Base Budget for things like;

A decent, mid-range 2-Bedroom apartment:
Monthly utilities total (electric, water, propane):
Purchasing a new Scooter (120cc or so):
Food Budget (50% dining out, 50% cooking at home):
Internet (5mbps+):

That's pretty much the basics, the rest I can negotiate.  Thanks in advance for any info you can share on this.   :top:

Food  : 220$
housing 250$ ( include electricity ,water, internet....)
entertainment 100$.

A  well-furnished 2-bedroom apartment would probably cost upwards of 400$ which includes TV, water, internet (hi-speed) and cleaning services.

If you are into street food, then you can limit your food expenses to about 200$ or even lower.

A good scooter would be upwards of 1000$, but you can find many decent 2nd hand ones for about 250$

If you plan to stay in hanoi, you would need atleast 1000$ a month to live comfortably provided you are not sharing the apartment with someone.

Thanks, that gives me a better idea of what to budget.    :top:

That's a bigger apartment and a lot of eating out, difficult to estimate.
Assuming finding/negotiating furnished apt in D1 or D7 through English-speaking broker, allow $1400+/month if you are doing foreign food, $1200 if Vietnamese food at quán ăn.

$2000 for a new Airblade 125cc, or $1500 used 2013 Airblade (first year 125cc).
But I believe to purchase and register a motorbike in your name you need a TRC (temporary resident card, maybe via your employer)

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