Report Marriage and Family Reunification.

Hello everyone.

Anyone can help me with my case?

I was an aupair before and my aupair visa will suppose to be expire on december 5,2016. Just last week i got married with my norwegian husband here in norway. My questions are : what are the steps i need to do? Just today i got a letter from skatteetaten.
I have done changing my address already tru skatteetaten.
-Krav om endring av skattekort, utskrift av skjemær,Levering av selvangivelsen, and changing my last name (i haven't done it yet because i have no idea how to do it)

Moving forward to my case : am i allowed to process the family reunification first before i report  my marriage in philippine embassy oslo? Because i am scared that i might send home if i dont have visa to show since i end my contract as an aupair. or i need to report my marriage first before i apply for family reunification visa?
And if i report my marriage in philippine embassy oslo where can i translate the norwegian marriage certificate in english?

Anyone have the same case as mine? Hope you guys can help me.

Thanks alot.

Do you need to report your marriage to your own country embassy?

Since you are married in Norway with a marriage certificate that is issued by Norway, you can of course apply for family unification residence permit.

I am in the process of applying it now and there is nothing in the application that require documents from your own country (other than passport and birth certificate and neither express marital status) to prove you are married.

I did not report that I am married to my own country (Singapore) because I am lazy.  I have a consultant helping me with my family unification application.  She checked through everything I have collected to submit to UDI and she seem happy with them.

Thank you very much fornight 😀 now i got an idea on what to do 😀❤️  thanks for the help really appreciate it 😀😍💕

Hi need to log in to UDI and apply for family reunification and book an appointment online and pay marriage fees then when you go to hand over the documents either at the police or embassy they will tell you what next.

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