Searching for a "tropical" beach house.

Hi!  My husband and I have a casita in a small village in Baja steps from a broad, sandy beach but the area has a Mediterranean climate.  It is delightfully beautiful in late summer and fall.  It is a bit chilly especially in December and January and the months of May, June and often July are frequently overcast.  It's hard to keep up a tan. Lol 
We would like to buy a smallish to moderate house on a walkable beach somewhere were the winter and spring is warm and sunny.  It is OK if the summers are uncomfortable because we would migrate back to Baja.   We have a pack of Chihuahuas so we would need to seasonally drive between both locations rather than fly.  I enjoy gardening so ample water and a bit of land would keep me happy when not beach combing. 
If you know of something, please let us know.  Even if you don't know of a specific property but know of a great area, we'd very much appreciate your tip.  Thanks.

Ian Huntington

Hello ian Huntington :cheers:

You could drop an advert in our Housing in Mexico section to increase your chances to find the 'tropical' beach house you are looking for


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