The $2 bill. Is it useable in Cambodia?

My bank USAA stocks tons of $2 bills in bundles. I'm wondering if it's ok to use this form of US currency in Cambodia.

When there is already a hesitation in the US to use these bills I would not recommend to use it in a developing country. I can foresee trouble as businesses and even banks here might not be familiar with the bills and simply refuse it. Personally I would not accept a $2 bill here in Cambodia, due to problems to spend it again.

A lot of businesses will refuse to take them. Having said that, many of the Khmer Chinese believe they are lucky and will keep a 2-Dollar note in the wallet.

Why does the US still print this form of currency? When I did bank deposits as a manager, I also had to get change for the registers. I once got $100 in $2 bills and the general manager was not happy. There isn't even a spot in the register drawars.

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