Looking to live in Amsterdam


I lived in Amsterdam for the past three months and would like to move back. I have a job working for a company that has entities in London, Belgium, and Luxembourg. I would very likely meet the specialist requirements due to my work experience despite my young age (<25).

All I'm trying to find out what options i have to live in netherlands while working for another EU company, any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.

More information:
From: USA
Age: 23-25
Industry: Tech/Finance
Salary: Would meet required minimums, but not from base salary, as a decent part of the salary comes from commissions.
Proof of funds: I know that they require you to show that you have sufficient funds to provide for yourself, this wouldn't be an issue.

If there's anything else that I can answer to help out, please let me know and i would be more than happy to get back ASAP.

Mmmm - 28 views and no responses yet.  I don't think there is an easy response to what you're asking.  I've posted this link previously; not sure if it helped the guy who was asking, but it takes you to the Dutch Government Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) website, it's in English.  There are a few drop-down menu questions to answer; based on what you select, it gives you links to many questions you may have.

From your original post; one thing sticks out for me; you claim to "very likely meet the specialist requirements due to my work experience", that's good, but you'll need a company in Holland to offer you a job (with a contract) in that role, sponsor your application and then convince IND that there is nobody else in Holland who can do it.

Advice at this stage - learn Dutch, it's very important as while many Dutch people speak English (to varying standards), everything around you is in Dutch.

Hope this helps.

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