New Music Centre opens in Riyadh

Great. I am still in the process of buying a drum set so I will be in contact soon.

Would love to join you guys  as am a dj myself but due my college can't come over there ..I have  few friends who are good in bass guitar and drums..If you guys want I can ask them.

hope you all good, I play drums I have 2 old sets one electric and one acoustic, I'm interested in joining any new bands or at least gather once a week to play some music with new friends for fun.

I'm also interested in buying a lightly used electric drums set if anyone is welling to sell.

Any advice on buying electric drums?

I wanna play over songs with headphones... Appreciate any tips

Hey guyz,

Currently on the lookout for a drummer??
or acoustic drum set for sale if available??
Contact details : (Moderated: Please avoid leaving your phone number on the forum for security reasons)

Brand new Premier Drum kits (Accoustic) are available for sale for SR 1,500 at Ad Dawliah Stores across the malls in Riyadh. They consist of snare, bass, 3 tom toms, hi-hat and crash cymbal with  drum stool. I just bought one for a drum student of mine.

@ Talaht: With due respect ,may i ask wht instrument lessons are you looking for..?


Hey Everyone!!  :)
Where can I buy a Clarinet here in Riyadh?. I am playing a Violin and I also feel like I really want to play  a clarinet. :unsure

WelshOne :

Hi All

Thought it was about time I registered with this site to source out musicians here in Riyadh.  I'm a saxophonist looking to start/join a ska band, jazz band anything really just want to get playing!! Anyone interested or looking for a sax player? I have both Alto and soprano sax, I also play clarinet... I also teach sax, clarinet and some flute...

Hello :) Where did you buy your Clarinet? :)

Try Ad Dawliah Store (Agents for Yamaha) in any of their retail outlets at Aqariya Mall, Granada Mall, Al Faisaliah Mall, Kingdom Mall

musicman :

Try Ad Dawliah Store (Agents for Yamaha) in any of their retail outlets at Aqariya Mall, Granada Mall, Al Faisaliah Mall, Kingdom Mall

Thanks! I'll check it out soon :)

ok where is the info/map, link of where this music store is at.

I"m new to the area; reply on google maps.

Aqariya Mall is on Olaya Street at the intersection of Musa bin Naseer Street, opposite to Al Nemr Building where NEXT store is located.

Al Faisaliah Tower is the second largest tower in Riyadh, shaped like a cone, also located in Olaya on King Fahd Motorway

Kingdom Tower is the tallest tower in Riyadh shaped like a pair of horns at the top isRoad in Olaya at the intersection of Olaya  Fahd Motorway and Aruba Road.

Anyone will direct you to these locations if you ask them.

do you think the yamaha agents can get in the thr  guitar amps ?
Where are they;  email for the name of ???

Good info. great land marks. NOw if we can just get Google to get the maps in English and all the same road marks and bldgs. etc.

The Yamaha agents have all Yamaha music and sound equipment at their stores

super, aweseome. do you have any emails for them ?

where is this  Faisaliyah.. mall. I'm new to the area.

Are they open before  4 pm.  Fridays. or any mall for a music center. ?

Super ! .  Should have but in stock. ?  Does the Faisaliyah  have the best selection of possibly a Yamaha THR ?

What part of town are they in. I can get lost good !!
When typically do the malls open  or  closed periods.
Sorry. been here a week so just learning the ropes !!

how to get the music stores to reply or even answeer eamils.
Any ideas who would have the small Yamha THR amps ?

amazing with these malls you cant' even get a directory of what stores are in them.  Granada has music it must be well hidden. All closed early /am on Fridays of coarse but ..
even the fais..... mailll does not answer or have a directory online  !

Its much better to visit the store. these retailers do not acknowledge or respond to email requests


im a drummer looking to jam.


I was wondering if the music center in Tala Compound is still open for piano students? And whether their number is the same as before so that I can contact them?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :)

still available?...

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