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Ckang: I own an apartment in Old San Juan. Two bedrooms plus den, and great ocean view, I bought it as a retirement home and since my husband can't reiitre yet, we are renting it out to vacationers. If you want more info message me.
PR is amazing and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life there. Real Estate agents are lazy, so be prepared to take the bull by the horns and do your own deals. I did. And don't worry, they will not be offended. They will be grateful.

Hi Lorenzo,

My husband and I are getting ready to make the move from California too! Probably to the Condado or Isla verde area. My husband took a job there. Are you having any luck finding rentals in Condado? I'm having a hard time because I have two emotional support dogs. Best of luck! I'll stay in touch and help as much as I can once I get there. :)

Igustaf - Thanks for the note. I'll shoot you a message in a second.

Hi all! My wife and I are coming down next year to scout out the lay of the land with hopes of moving to PR asap. We are in our 70s and retired with two dogs and we like the beach. Any help with housing and medical would be appreciated thanks in advance.  :)

Hi Catmando,
Welcome to the forum, read thru the previous postings and you will get a lot of information. But do not be afraid to post specific questions, every situation is different.

You should canvas the island, there are 78 towns also known as municipalities

Each town has its own flavor and weather some from town to town. For example in the mountains it is common in winter for the low temperature to drop to 60-65 in the early hours, but during the day the temperature will be in the range of 82-88. Occasionally in winter you may have a cold day around 73 during the day the next day will be back in the 80s.

Rain varies also by region, south of the island is much drier due to the mountains holding some of the rain before it reaches the south.

You should visit the island several times and once you think you know where you want to live, you should rent a place for 6-12 months and move in. This will give you more time to learn the island before you decide on a place to purchase.

Also for tax purposes you need to live in the island for 6 months plus a day before the IRS considers you a resident. You will likely only be paying Federal tax and sales tax, no state. If you have property in the US you may want to sell it soonest and use the leftover from the sale to buy your place in PR.

Read thru the forum then put together your questions and we will do our best to answer them. I am always here and several other active members but they are not always available.

As to housing, if you are thinking of a condo, the dogs can be a problem. Normally not an issue if you rent or purchase a house. Most English speaking areas tend to be higher rent and higher purchase due to demand and Gringo Pricing. US mainlanders are used to higher pricing, this causes the area prices to go up since pricing is based on the average price payed in the area.

You will need to learn Spanish to fully enjoy the island. A few words is better than none, try to deal with others and become part of the community.

Ask away

One more thing.... when you see a property that you really like to rent or purchase, stop by the area between 7 and 9 PM to see the level of noise, dog situation, crime, etc. Not everyone that looks blond blue eyed or carrot top is a mainlander, we natives come in all sizes and colors.

Thanks for your tips ReyP!  :)  We plan on flying down 1st Q 2017 for several weeks and scouting out the best places to live. One question about dogs. We have two pit bulls male and female. Is there a breed ban against them in PR?

Yes there is a ban for pit bulls and mixes. Check with the airline before you decide what to do. Plenty Pit bulls already in the island, they don't want additional ones. How strongly they enforce it I do not know.
If you are going to be stopped is going to be by the airline more than likely. Dogs will travel in a crate / cage since too big for inside the plane and you will need to pick them up. See info on traveling with animals in the forum.
If they are allowed, they will need to be fixed.

About 4 months ago 2 pit bulls attacked the elderly (74) mother of a lady and literally tore her to pieces, the dogs knew her and liked her but probably had a wild day. While yours may not, the publicity is big time so they may be watching for the forbidden animals more than normal. Sorry to rain on your parade.

Yes unfortunately that rules out PR for us. Thanks for the tip we'll look to Central America now.

Dont give up yet, check with airlines first.

Hi everyone! I'm from California and moved out here earlier this year with my husband and little one. It's been an experience moving here and adjusting. We were here for the three day island wide power outage and I luckily left Old San Juan in time to avoid the protests against Uber on the island today. Taxis blocked the Dos Hermanos Bridge going San Juan and there is supposed to be a Christmas Boat Parade there tonight as well.

A lot of protesters block the Dos Hermanos Bridge, it is fairly common. When I was a kid we used to go under the bridge and swim and wave at the tourists to throw coins in the water for us to retrieve.

I think the boat parade is in front of peer 6 but likely will be visible in Condado with some luck.

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