Paid room deposit by installment, no contract given.

Dear Friends,

I need your advice based on my situation below.

I am a Student from Taylor's university. I rent a room in LaCosta Sunway since 1 May 2016 until 1 October 2016. My room rental for a month is RM1200 for a small room.

When I move in, I paid for the room rental first on May. Then at the end of May, I paid my first installment for the room deposit. The co-tenant said she will give me a contract but since I move in till I move out there's no contract given. I've also paid my second installment on June and last installment I've paid is on July.

Due to personal arguments and fights between the co-tenant on 24 September 2016,  she asked me to move out from the house in 5 working days. I told her I can move out but I need my deposit back. She said "okay, 3k is nothing". But when I move out on 1st October 2016, she told me, in order for me to get my deposit back, the owner need to come and inspect the room and in 5 working days the owner will give my deposit back. She told me that the owner said she will come around 3 October to 5 October 2016 to inspect the room but when I ask her again, she said the owner went somewhere.

I've never met the owner since I move in, whatever payment I pay to the co-tenant. I have all the details when I paid her. Even though I paid the deposit by installment, I never delay paying room rental every month. And I never delay when it comes to electricity and wifi bills.

Please tell me what's the best solution for this. Thank you

What a mess. Anything in writing? You have bank-in receipts for your deposit payments?

Oral promises dont mean much, now you are at her mercy. You shouldnt have given one sen without firm writings. If she doesnt pay you, take her to the Tribunal court. But even then the judge will ask for your proof that you paid.

Also, she cant say the deal is with the landlord, you paid to her, you only deal is with her. And since you never even met the landlord, he isnt beholden to you.

Tell her to pay you immediately or you go file your case. I think they allow filings online but if not, you go to the office in KL, file the case, they will send her the notice to appear in court and it will take about a month before you are in court.

Dont ever do stupid stuff like this again! WRITING WRITING WRITING!

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Tribunal site

Your reply helps me a lot, Thank you!

Yes, I have all the hard copy of payment details with me. I told her "I should be there when the owner inspect my room so I will know what she's gonna deduct from my deposit or maybe give me a full refund." Thats why she told me that she already informed the owner to come and inspect the room between monday to wednesday this week. But when I text her again today regarding the owner, she didn't reply me.

She say by right I won't get my deposit back because I move out immedietly. But we didn't sign any contract and she's the one who ask me to go out in 5 working days.

My gf is a lawyer in Malaysia. According to her, consumer tribunal doesn't deal with your case. Just go to make a police report for cheating, then if the inspector sits down with you, tell him that you want the tenant to face the justice. Then, take a picture of your police report and send it over to her for her 'leisure' reading

Yeah, best bad right now is to make a police report and well, you learned not to give money without proper documentations. I am a Malaysian and for you to be paying RM1.2K is quite steep considering the fact that you only get a small room.

Report this to the police.

next time remember to get a written contract.

In your case, you are not direct renting from the owner. The other tenant is actually sub-leasing the property.

Does the owner know this? have you tried to contact the owner? They are many cases out there where sub-tenant are cheated like your case, especially when it comes to security deposits.

If you don't want to make a police report, your best bet is to find the owner's contact, and slowly tell him out your story.

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