Do you have any plan to enjoy this October (Octoberfest & Haloween)?


This October comes with Octoberfest and Haloween, do you have any plan yet to celebrate?

My friends are organizing the join-in trekking trip event - away from Saigon by the end of this month (evening of 29 Oct to evening of 31 Oct)

The program sounds interesting, I would like to share the link below for details. … RKTkE/view

Why not going to enjoy the nature/ stunning landscapes, challenge yourselves on the less touristy trek routes, connect with other friends, camping and bring beers or masks to celebrate this festive October.  Let's go and enjoy!

Deadline to register: before 20 October (with limited registers)

Hope to see you guys

Thanks for your reading



Hi JeanieTran,

Could you please post this ad in the Event section >

Thank you :)

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