Ashura Holidays

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Does Bahrain Government declared Ashura Holidays for public and private sectors? we are hearing different opinions as some say it is 10, 11 & others say it is 11 & 12.

Does anyone has any confirmation? plz share so that we can plan our vacation


There is no official announcement yet.


Public Holidays 2016

Date    Day    Holiday
1 Jan    Fri    New Year's Day
1 May    Sun    Labour Day
6 Jul    Wed    Eid al-Fitr Holiday
7 Jul    Thu    Eid al-Fitr Holiday
8 Jul    Fri    Eid al-Fitr Holiday
12 Sep    Mon    Eid al-Adha /
Feast of Sacrifice
13 Sep    Tue    Eid al-Adha /
Feast of Sacrifice Holiday
14 Sep    Wed    Eid al-Adha /
Feast of Sacrifice Holiday
2 Oct    Sun    Islamic New Year
11 Oct    Tue    Ashura
12 Oct    Wed    Ashura

11 Dec    Sun    The Prophet's Birthday
16 Dec    Fri    Bahrain National Day
17 Dec    Sat    Bahrain National Day

This i copied from a website about Bahrain public holidays.

Thanks but it is again subject to Arabic calendar and governments official declaration


Its official now, 11th and 12th.


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