For my fellow San Juaneros. High speed internet options?

Hey all,
My wife and I had Claro satellite dsl and phone. Internet was stuck on 5mb downloads unable to bump when we moved our service and the 18mo service agreement is up November.  We would like to bump to Tricom but I cannot for the life of me get an answer as to if it's available in San Juan de la Maguana. We have volunteers use our home frequently and our feeble internet wifi grinds to a halt with three or more connected. Any ideas?

I  checked the Tricom website - useless! Wow they used to have a map of coverage and availability.  Before they were bought out,  Tricom was pretty awesome, then they went straight downhill in my opinion!

Yeah I checked it all over and didn't find anything either. I don't know of any other options besides claro/orange. Terrible options.

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