what job can i get in muscat?

My name is Safeera. I'm have done b.e n mtech from reputed colleges at Hyderabad, India.I'm new to the place.I came last year. Before tat, I was working as assistant professor/lecturer in engineering colleges.I have 6 years of experience in teaching field. I went to engineering colleges in they are saying PhD is required for it true?! Few colleges took my resume n told tat when vacancy is there,they wil call me. Are they any other colleges,which consider masters degree for teaching. I approached school too,but they need b.ed qualification.what about international schools? Do they allow citizens from India?Can anyone suggest me ,where I have to apply n how? I need job as lecturer there are no scopes,then want to go for teaching for secondary school. Do agencies help to any extent?!please suggest me.

Hi saf11,

I can understand your frustration in not landing the job that you are seeking and qualified for.

The best chance for you is to approach all the selected schools, colleges and universities directly in Muscat (if you are staying here), or elsewhere, wherever you are staying in the Sultanate.

Going through placement consultants / manpower agencies is not a done thing here. Even if you do, they may not be able to help you.

Have you tried going to the British Council in Muscat ? They are always on the lookout for trained hands for handling their numerous classes, invigilation, etc.

In any case, approaching the prospective employer directly is the best option.

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