Shipping Household Effects to Vietnam

My Vietnamese wife and I have lived overseas for many years and we are preparing for retirement. We want to ship our household effects from Thailand to Vietnam but the movers are hung up on me requiring a work permit for customs clearance. Obviously with me retiring I do not have a work permit so what's the process for shipping our household effects to Vietnam?

Cant you do it all through your wife's name.

We've asked about that but were told that would be even more complicated because she did not have a work permit in Thailand.

So you need a work permit in Thailand to send the stuff out and a work permit in VN to get it in here. My god, what a nightmare. Have you contacted any freight forwarders here in VN, my friend brought all his stuff here a few years ago.

I'm getting the story from a freight forwarder in Vietnam (as well as a freight forwarder in Thailand). Perhaps they are looking at things the wrong way? Maybe with work permits it's easier and cheaper but without there are some kind of freight import taxes to pay?

You will have to pay taxes to bring it in and black m oney for customs to release it from the port. Its a user pays system,lol.

So what are the import taxes payable, I assume it's a percentage of the value of the freight?

Col is correct.   Sounds like a scam to me.

I would be checking other options with a few other 'movers', also via rail vs road..?
'Complications' (?)  ..can be easily invented.   Like 'work permits' to move furniture...     :whistle: 
Many people are travelling and transferring worldwide on a daily basis, so this begs belief.

There are more ways than one to skin a cat.   Go Ogle.

I had the same problem when i shipped all my belongings from Singapore to Vietnam. I used a reputable international mover. The Vietnamese receiving agent imformed them that Ho Chi Minh customs would not clear the shipment as I did not have a work permit. The mover then ended up shipping my belongings to Hia Phong where they cleared customs. That ended up costing a few hundred dollars extra. Everything was then delivered to our home in Phan Thiet. I paid approx 10% of the declared value in import duty. I also had to fill out the form at the airport in Ho Chi Minh and sent it to the receiving agent.

Vietnam rolling out the red carpet for retirees

Please can anyone recommend a mover/agent?

I doubt.   Simply because there is no such thing as zero risk
(especially) with removal companies.    However...

Google is your friend

Online reviews are the best bet.   There is nowhere to hide

I used a top line company twice.  The first, no problem (apart from the cost!)
The second?   I did not insure, so (of course) Murphy made sure I would
never repeat THAT mistake...  (breakages & lost chairs)   How?
..still trying to figure that one out...   Two (irreplaceable) dining chairs out
of a set of six.  The body language (shouted) LIAR, but without insurance..?

Same with the scams.   Check and cross-refer to find the best bet

It will always be a gamble.   Only pay under the table as a last resort

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I went down the road of the costings to bring household items here, the tax is just plain ridiculous. I decided its better to sell my things and buy new item here.

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