got married on fiance permit in Norway .. do i need a passport now ?

hi all !   will appreciate your help if you can kindly let me as   do i need a new passport from my home country to apply for immigration in Norway   after getting married on fiance visa ?

My current passport is valid for 10 more years but yes my status has changed now ...  in my mind getting a new passport from home country doesnt make any sense .. but should I ask UDI abt it ?
anyone can share his/ her expereince  to clear my confusion ?   thanks :)

did you legally change your name? Neither of the passports I have show relationship status.

no I can change a name after three years

Rish,  I'm not  sure I understood your question clearly. But you'll needing Pakistani Passport for your residence permit renewals.  If old one is valid then you do not need another one.

If your name hasn't changed, why do you think you need a new passport?

just to be sure   ...  as different countries have different rules ..

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