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I have found this website

The cars here seem very cheap, does anyone have any feedback about this site?

Haven't checked the link, never fan of buying a used car in Saudi, go for a new one, be it even Yaris or import your own as long as it's under 5 years of manufacture date from date of import...

Buying new was an option but I just know how long I will stay for and doesn't seem that easy to sell the car in Saudi.

Do you know of any websites that i can look at for the import option?

Your other option is to rent, usually costs about 1500-1800/month for Yaris/Accent/Sunny category.

I'm not familiar with the import process. Maybe someone on here can help.

While the prices of fuel are around 10% of what I would pay in the UK I will most probably be going large engine.

Dodge Challenger or something like that :)

IMO get a German car and you can ship it back if need be.

M4 with DCT . . . . yum

Will not be worth anything in the UK though, they wont spend good money on a LHD car they can buy in the UK RHD.

An American car is different though, they go for good money in the UK. Also I get the fun of a powerful car with very low fuel prices.

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