a couple of months in Nairobi...general info

Despite advices from travel agencies and government warnings I started to think about visiting Kenya, mainly Nairobi, I have been living abroad half of my life, but never been to sub saharian countries.
I wish to find info. about safety issues like areas to avoid, do and don't do things, relatively cheap place to sleep for a month (maybe 2).
Basically I look for people that like to socialize, I can drink, but i'm not a drinker and don't use drugs of any kind so if you are a party person maybe we will not get along too well..
Thank you for your consideration,

Just to get the locals common sence and use it.  It works,  for instance walking alone at night despite  heavy traffic along Uhuru Highway is no no...

Nairobi (and Kenya) security situation tends to be overstated in the media, which distorts the reality.  However, you shouldn't walk on the streets after dark and even during the day, minimise jewellery and keep valuables out of sight.  Pick pockets operate in town and on public transport (as they do in many large cities).  You should be aware of your surroundings, so walking around with headphones on is not recommended.

Avoid the temptation to give money to street children, as you may well be surrounded in no time at all.  Buy food instead.

Keeping out of poorer areas, such as Eastlands and the slums is recommended.

Short term accommodation (furnished apartments) tends to be expensive.  Property rental agreements tend to run for 6 monthly periods.  Consider somewhere such as the YMCA/YWCA, which is centrally located and secure.

Nairobi is a very safe city if u have someone who know his/her way around,there places u could live and not even notice the bad side about being pickpockets and muggers after all lets not lie many growing cities suffer from that menace. I think if u know what ur planning to do in nairobi if its touring,business or pleasure in advance then u will have a beautifull experience here

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