looking for a guidein the North - Sa Pa region

Hi everybody,

I will be in Vietnam in December, I would like to travel the north of the country, in the Sa Pa region, i am interested in having a close look to local tradition and life style and I would like to avoir turistic destination,

I am looking for someone who can guide me and translate from Vietnamese, the trip will take one week, i am open to discuss about the itinerary, and of course any charge of the trip will be paid and the service is remunerated

thanks in advance


Hello Claudio :cheers:

To increase your chances to find a tourist guide in the northern region, I invite you to drop an advert under the 'Tourist guide' field of our Jobs offers in Vietnam section of the site.


You can easily find tour guide when you arrive at Sa Pa.

But I sent you a PM for contact info of a tour guide I met last Apr when I was there.
(I didn't come there for tourism, just to sell postcard).

I didn't use his service, and didn't have strong impression with him, but I know he's an English speaking tour guide have more than 10 years experience.

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