new friends in florida

hi:) i want to visit florida soon and i'm looking for new friends:) if you wanna chat, send me a message. thank you!

Hi, have you obtained your visitor visa yet?  Why have you decided to visit Florida? 

I'm from Florida, but living in Iasi for almost 10 years.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Romaniac Experts Team

i want to visit and i want to make new friends. i'm new on this site:)

hi cristina

hi emolia! how are you?

im fine and you

i'm new here. i'm trying to make some friends but they cut my messages i don't understand why?!?!

do you speak french

oui, mais je prefere l'anglais

cristina cristiana :

oui, mais je prefere l'anglais

That's handy because only English is allowed in this section of the forum.
Other languages can be found by clicking the flag at the top of the page.

Chatting is preferred by PM only, not on the open forums.

The PM system gets automatically blocked by cut and paste spam.

Hi , Cristina  i live in Ma i like to make new friend , i live in Ma about 18 years

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