English teacher vacancy at Sonofor. Got their contact?

Dear Bhavna, are you?
I write you because I wanted to know this job vacancy for english teacher at sonofor...
i tried to open this "jobs in luanda" but i cannot find it.
Can you please do me a favor?
I want to know the email address so that i can send my cv?
thanks and my regarda

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Hello. Sonafor is looking for qualified English teachers. If you have the experience and qualifications, you can send your CV to contact.sonafor[at]

Thank you!

Dear Bhavna ,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply..
Highly appreciated...
and again, my best regards and God Bless..


Dear Farahinnawi,

Hi, thanks for your reply. I am very much interested to apply as an Englisg teacher especially to the children if it merits my qualifications.

But before sending my CV, can I ask few questions if OK with you?

1. how much is the salary

Perhaps, you can send your reply to our private conversation if deemed necessary.

I will wait , please.

Thank you.

Regards ,


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