What area would be the best ?

Hi there. I am looking at moving to Mauritius next year and would like to introduce a new fitness training concept. The target market would be the middle to upper income group. Would be for residents and also tourists.

The training can either take place at a studio that I can open or I can also be mobile and take it to hotels and houses and do the training from there.

If I were to open a studio what area would be the best. I have been given 5 locations to consider...
GrandBaie, Moka, Ebene, Black River and Floreal.


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If you are targeting high income groups, then Ebene is your best bet. It's the financial hub of Mauritius where many professionals live and work and at the center of other high end areas like Sodnac, Quatres Bornes, Moka and Beau Bassin.
Floreal is only 15 mins drive from Ebene.

Black River and Grand Bay are good but not of the same composure as Ebene.

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