British family relocating to Riyadh


I am a British citizen and I will be relocating to Riyadh for a job with a large consulting firm in the next few months.  I am currently in the process of finding accommodation in Riyadh.

I have been looking at compounds however they seem extremely expensive.  The prices that I have received are £30,000+ for a 2 bedroom apartment.

Are there any compounds that aren't as expensive?

If i was to decide not to stay in a compound what area's would be best?  Ideally I would want to stay near expats areas which would be easier to make contacts and friends while working in KSA.



Non compound apartments where many western expats live is in the DQ (Diplomatic Quarter).

Had Australian friends move onto Kingdom Compound this summer and both families have liked it. They said it is reasonable in price.

Remember the prices you are quoted are per year. Most expats have a clause in their contracts that state company must pay for housing. Is this not in your contract? And if not I would negotiate they put it in.


Thanks for your reply

They are only offering an allowance for accommodation. I've seen prices for kingdom compound.seems to cost roughly £30,000 per year.

How close is the diplomatic quarter to the city centre? I think my office is near kingdom tower.



Sorry I live in Jeddah, so I don't know where in relation to Kingdom tower the DQ is. I just know that the embassies are in the area and that is where many of their employees live as well.

Diplomatic quarter to kingdom tower is about 10km away.

Diplomatic Quarter is your best choice

Hi all

Thanks for your messages. Much appreciated.

Do you know roughly how much rent a 2 bedroom apartment would be in Diplomatic quarter?

Hi Usman,

Good to hear that you are relocating to Riyadh, you are right compound are quite expansive, you can rent a very modern villa between 50000 to 70000 SAR, depending on area and locality, the most important is for you work location, the southern area of Riyadh is posh area like, i.e. Al Rabi , Al Nafal , Al Wadi, Al Falah, Al Sahafa, Al Qurtaba districts and surrounding localities are very nice , in Al Qurtuba a newly build villas and flats are available i visited some days back for one of my friend and it is beutifull place, modern amenities, good design, Tamimi, and Danub hype markets are walking distance.
you may visit below link

wish you good luck


Hi Malik

Thanks for your reply

Just a quick question (might sound silly) the approx price you give for villa of 50000-70000 is that per month or for the year?



Rent prices in KSA are for a year. Contracts are signed for a year and paid for up front.

This occurs 98% of the time. Occasionally I hear of a 6 month contract, but have never heard of paying month to month unless it is a sublet

it is always good to negotiate the job offer by adding compounds rate as it is too expensive comparing to other apartments.

but assuming you can not do that, i would suggest, areas like ALnakheel or hiteen in exit2

if i know where is your job is located i might be able to suggest more

All the compounds are expensive, technically....

I'd say check if you can keep an allowance or have them pay for it (the have them pay for it means probably living with your collages)

Kingdom tower to the DQ is about a 20 minute drive then however long it takes to get through the gates given the number of people going in or out.

For somewhere reasonable I'm maybe try Green City, there is a bunch of new ones on the Thumama road. Reem Compound, Radium, Delmar ?

Hi Usman, its approx /year rent, in Saudi Arabia normally property rent are 6 month basis. every 6 month you have to pay in advance.


Hi All

Thanks for your all your replies

Much appreciated.

My office is going to be based in King Abdullah Financial district.  Would you know which areas are good around there?


Hi Usman. When are you relocating. We are just about to relocate too from London and feeling the same as you. It's extortionate. Let me know how you get on!

Hi Tabsy

I am relocating from Newcastle. Which areas have you been looking at?  So confusing when you not actually there.  I am still waiting for my work visa to come through but I hear it can take approx 3 months.

Dear Mr Usman,

My building inside one flat is empty. As you required. Tell me I will give you this building incharge  People number. As you agree.

Best Regards,
Arslan Butt

Hi Guys! If your still looking for a compound to rent? Maybe I can help you. Just send me a message. Thanks!

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