Polish-German couple is saying hallo :-)

Hi, I am a new member so I want to say HALLO.
I am often visitor in Germany since 2014 in Stuttgart area and finally I will settle here in 2017 when me and my man will get married. So I will lost all my friends living in my present place of living and I will build social environment from the start, looking for a proper job and learning German.
I graduated of fine art academy, painting departament. I am a painter and the photographer, also art teacher. However this kind of occupation can be both easy to do in a foreigh country because a person works on his/her own but also it can be and is very difficult if I have no idea how and where to sell things, how to advertise myself, do I need to have own business and how to pay taxes. So maybe I will need to work in a different kind of job.
If you have any advices or want to make friendship I would be gratefull. :-)

If you don’t work then you should be covered by your husband’s health insurance. If you don’t make over  400 Euros/month then it remains so. If you make more then you will have to start paying for your own health insurance. Thus for many just making 500 or 600 Euros/month is hardly worth it.

As an artist, if you work, you will almost certainly be considered self-employed and have to join the Künstlersozialkasse. This takes around 18% of your yearly income and matches your contribution and you get health coverage, disability and some retirement.

I doubt there are many art galleries in Tamm but certainly in bigger towns like Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart. Otherwise, one can try to get know potential customers through personal contacts. Some people will also sell on some open markets like Christmas markets. The fees for such things are often high so one must know that they have lots of commercially wanted pieces.

Sometimes there are cafes or restaurants or other establishments that make art exhibitions where you could display your work. One such place is “Forum 3” in Stuttgart, a cultural center that has exhibitions in its café. I think that they usually run for a month or longer. There might also be some papers, or online possibilities to advertise your work.

Offering courses is also a good possibility. One can do this privately or through places like the Volkshochschule (VHS) that are located in biggger cities (including Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart). One can generally make more by teaching a group of people rather than an individual; better 5 people paying 25 Euros/hour each than 1 paying 80 Euros/hour....

I think most successful artist these days rely heavily on having a good website. This can not only promote your work but also be used for direct sales to all over the country - or world if you like. Most artists will then print up a business card, postcard or flyer to hand out to contacts that will show the web-address. As a professional performer, I used to have flyers made but found that postcards are just as effective and MUCH cheaper.

Some artists make a great living, others struggle. It is not even a matter of talent – although that is certainly a plus. But art sells for what, and to whom, it appeals. Vincent Van Gogh never sold a painting but other people make kitschy, commercial stuff that I personally find horrible but lots of people seem to buy.

Hi Marta,
That is good news. We hope you stay will continue to be as postive as you experienced since the last two years.

I've seen suggestions that seems to suggest tackling it on your own - doing a hardcore startup.

In contrast, I would suggest trying to join a few vereine /volkshochschule in your area that touch on areas close to your talents. That would allow you to establish a good network early on. I assume that it is not your main means of income, so you can afford to try a few alternative approaches to test the need/ market for something fresh - and also see what works better in Stuttgart and what is different from the culture you know best.

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