Kuwait bus routes

Does anybody have advice on bus riding here in Kuwait? Information on the web is limited. Any good websites that show where buses go, what buses are still active, or anything to resolve this mystery...

I've just been riding random buses with cab fare handy for when I get lost, but would love to find a legitimate schedule somewhere. Doesn't seem that Kuwait assigns much importance to public transit.

Also, I'm especially interested in the 24 bus that runs thru Hawally, anybody have any advice on this route?

thank you!

Your request is everyone's dream here :)

Barely will you find any useful info related to transportation here.

Schedule?  No such thing.  Route lists you can find.

http://kuwaitbus.blogspot.com/2016/03/n … ghara.html

KPTC route website is "under construction"

City Bus does offer a schedule...  http://www.citygroupco.com/Runtime/uplo … 2012-1.jpg
but then you have to go to their website to find what is covered on each route.

Thank you

follow em on instagram, i hear citybus is very interactive with its clientele and they post detailed time and place maps of their routes.

I have found the holy grail of Kuwait bus routes!

https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewe … 1&z=12

Check it out. I can only verify that the 16 and 66 bus are accurate because those are the only routes I use.

Hi, hollowell28.
Since you've tried route 66, does it go to Salmiya, like Marina Mall and Al Fanar Mall?

Going by the map, it looks like the 66 does go by the marina mall but not on the coastal road.  It looks like it goes passed the back side of the mall on the 101.

Yes, the  66 will drop you right at the back entrance of Marina Mall, then loop back and head West. 66 is a great bus because it runs more frequently than other buses, so less wait time and more seats available. I will often see two or three 66's while waiting for any other bus.

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