should i have to wait for untill stop bank strike?

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Im working in brazil now . i  been almost 8 years stay in brazil .
could you help me something?

4 weeks ago i received money from korea through out western union( MTCN).
I could not take money from brazilan banks because  all of the brazilian banks are on strike now. I visited bank of brazil asked process of the western union (MTCN) but they told me that is  impossible now .

should  i have to wait for untill stop bank strike?
Would you let me know best way ?

from yong nam kim

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just to inform you that this new thread has been created from your post on the Brazil forum so that you may receive some advice.

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Nam Kim you will have to wait on the Bank of Brazil to come off strike. I was sending Western Union  before the strike and  have been unable to send money since the strike. I apologize for not much help for I will not be sending any Western Union until I am are sure the banks are off strike. Hopefully the strike will end soon.

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