Private Health Care

Is there a Health care agent I can talk with in reference to Private Health Care.

Yes, there are private agents in abundance (some good, some bad). However, some things to consider...

   Do you have health problems that require a "specialist"?

   Have you looked at the IESS program ( for the "day-to-day" medical requirements?

   Have you considered "out of pocket" self insurance?

Here, like anywhere, if you do opt for the "private" route, the best recommendations will come from other people that are going the same route.

Since I don't know the amount of time you've been here, I give you the ole "boots on the ground" is the only way to get the scoop.

First quarter of this year I developed a problem with water retention (edema) that got pretty serious. I ended up with ultra sound, x-rays, MRI, endoscopy of my esophagus, complete blood work up and the removal of 3 polyps from my esophagus. The endoscopy and polyp removal under general anesthetic. The entire thing included a General Practitioner, Heart specialist, Endoscopy specialist, Radiologist and a very supportive friend from Ecuador (for translations). The entire thing cost +/- $1.2K. I did the back check based on previous experience from the EEUU. There, I would have expected to pay in the +/- $3.5K. I paid the entire thing "out of pocket".

Hope you get some further information from the site. If you get any info from cccmedia, his info is 99.9% right on. He lives in Quito and there may be "nuisances" that could influence you, since I'm in Cuenca.


I’ll be glad to give my perspective after the OP answers Symo’s questions.

cccmedia in Quito

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