Salary range in igaming sector in Malta

Hi there,

Me and my boyfriend are thinking of moving to Malta, as an opportunity has arisen for hin to work in the igaming industry. He's a UI/UX and Web designer, has a graduate degree in medial and communications from an American university and 10yrs experience.

I myself am a pharmacist with a Msc degree in QUality Control and would consider a part time job only or most likely not work at all since I'm planning to focus on my future online business.
That's why it would really help to know more about the salary range for my boyfriend's opportunity and whether we can cover ourselves good with only him working at least for some time.

I'd really appreciate any answer.

Hi there, my boyfriend and I are planning to move to Malta as well and are in a similar situation. I couldn't really find a reliable answer searching through job ads so I'd be really interested to hear someone's opinion! Sorry I can't be any help, let's see if someone knows better

Hi Jana,

I'm hoping to get some advice from the community. I didn't find something specific so let's wait and see :).

There are several programming vacancies on the konnekt dot com website at the moment and some of them include salary range. I suggest you find a couple that fit your boyfriends competencies to get an idea of his income potential.  Remember that the salary quoted is before tax. Konnekt have a salary calculator somewhere on their site that works out net salary for you. Once you know the potential salary come back to us and we'll give you opinions on whether it's enough to support two people....Most probably the answer will be positive.

Thanks a lot Lambada, will do that :).

Hi again Lambada,

So I this is the kind of position he would be aiming for "Product Owner/Scrum Master (Gaming)", the salary range in this post is 30 - 40000 euros. How does that sound?


The two of you can get by on a salary of 35k as long as you don't expect to live in  the sliema / st julians area where rental costs are high.  Don't expect to save much and don't try to do it for too long.  The sooner you start earning an income the better. As a pharmacist it shouldn't be hard for you to find work with one of the pharmaceutical companies although probably it would need to be full time.

Hi Maltina,

About the salary you can use the website: to calculate the net income.
You can have an idea for taxes in Malta.

Renting a flat you can check the website: but you have to consider          500-800 euro for a normal accommodation.



Hi Jul Cezari,

Thanks for your info, but I cannot seem to find the links "under review"?

The links will be published after they are vetted by the moderators. Until then, you can search for "salary calculator malta" on google and "rent flat malta" on facebook.

Hi Maltina,
ok try to serch in google.

maltasalary com
malta park


For customer support I would say around 22000....depends on language skills.

Unfortunately,I dont think you'll get anywhere near the 22000euro.

I just checked with one of the leading igaming recruitment websites (pentasia) .... Salaries for customer care roles fall in the 20 - 25k bracket.

Yes. However I noticed that practically all customer service jobs are for speakers of german/swedish/danish/Turkish.  It would be difficult to land a job if you can only speak English.

As a Turkish national I'm assuming you speak Turkish so you can apply for one of the CS jobs for Turkish speakers. I saw one or two on pentasia.  Salary is lower than for speakers of other languages though. Try posting a job availability enquiry on one of the igaming facebook groups.

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