New in SZ - Hit me up on WeChat - Let's hang.

Hey guys.

WeChat ID -xxx

New here.

From England, studied my MA in Taipei. Worked in Hong Kong as a writer. Now the office has moved to SZ & I've found myself as the Creative Manager.

That's the boring stuff. I love books, playing live music, hanging out & training. So if anyone wants hang, shares any interests (gym partner / drinking partner / get a band going... whatever) or just wants to make a new contact - hit me up.

I'm dead excited to meet some new people!



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Hey Jonny!  :)

Nice to meet you!  :) I'm Roya and I'm also from England too.

I used to live in Shenzhen and was in Hong Kong for a while

I used to use WeChat but now I don't anymore, so if you want you can feel free to message or Email me

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