anyone will arrive to egypt tomorrow!

hello !

I'm sprinter and jumper i need spikes shoes cause i have a championship Thursday and no spikes shoes store in egypt , so if anyone will arrive to egypt tmw and could help me to buy and carry with him , i will pay double what he paid , i need it so much yes i'm so late but i'm tring to find someone , again i will pay double what you paid

Hello Mupizzazz :cheers:

You created a similar thread before in 2015 : Need spikes shoes for championship

Here too in early 2016 : Anyone come to egypt from us

Seems like to usually post on the forum to find somebody to bring you shoes.

Why not buy from internet like everyone does? There is no sports shop in Egypt really??


Hello Mr.Kenjee

yeah i did it in 2 times before , 2015 check my post to find what i reply . i reached to a friend he got it for me that spike for 100m and 200m after i posted that ad on ... early 2016 i want to change my spikes shoes cause i'm an elite sprinter , any sprinter change spikes every 2 months , we don't have a sponsors in egypt so we change spikes shoes every 6 months to 1 year it's destroyed from training and competition .. now i posted it because i'm trying long and triple jumping and need jumping spikes shoes and i was have a championship too , that's all what i wanted , and yeah there's no spikes shoes in egypt ever you could check it on google and see we don't have spikes shoes store here , all athletes buy from abroad ,  so i wrote sometimes to save money . if i bought spikes from usa through dhl i will pay customs and spikes cost and shipping fees total =2000 or 1800 L.E , so i'm trying to find some one i could benefit and he also , he will take spikes shoes double cost to grab spikes with him fro me

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