Transferring money from a Saudi account to a uk one

I am moving to Saudi in a week or so and my employer has told me I have to open a Saudi account there were my wages will be paid into.
I wasn't aware of this as I thought they would just pay them straight into my UK account.
Does anyone know wether I will have to pay the exchange rate charges and how much roughly it will be? Plus will there be any other charges etc?

I would appreciate any help with this

Kind regards

When we transfer to our US account from the Saudi one it is 40 sar each time.

SABB in Saudi is affiliated with HSBC which I think is in the UK so maybe there is less of a fee that way? Not sure.

This was a surprise to us as well as we hadn't planned originally on getting a Saudi bank. Keep in mind you can't open the bank account until you get your iqama so your employer will have to pay you in cash for probably a month to 3 months.

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