Live aboard experience.

Is anyone a long term live aboard in Mexico? Either Pacific or Caribbean side.
Care to share your experiences? The good,the bad and the ugly.
Thank you.

What do you consider long term ? I've been here a few months shy of 5 years. I am a residente permanente, and have traveled through many places in central and mostly south eastern Mexico. What interests you ? I visited places in the West also, but didn't consider living there because of the on going Fukushima problem

Would I move back to the States ? no not very likely. Has it been hard, yes at times. My car was totaled in  a flooded street ( in reality) but not according to the Mx. insurance company, A family member staying with me died, so I learned a lot about that. Yet every day is different here, every day is an opportunity to learn , and see more. The people are warm and caring, and they help you work things out. I could definitely write a book, so what chapter are you interested in ?

I assume you mean in a boat. Lots of people cruise the west coast but in the winter.  Don't know any living on one

Hi/Bonjour\Buenos dia, my wife and I have been traveling Mexico since 1993 and never had problems.
We are since the last 3 years (winters-6 months) on the west coast, I would like to know what is the "FUKUSHIMA problem" never heard of it (expect the Nuclear disaster in Japan).
Basically, never had a problem in Mexico with locals/nationals, police, transitos, nor anyone, I personally speak spanish which help.
Looking back, the problems sometimes came from other EXPATS (I managed a campground owned by a Mexican friend) which would like to have the same as in their own country sorry but this is Mexico!
We personally don't like WalMart, Costco, etc...
We personally rent a flat from locals/natinals, pay in pesos, will never buy nor pay in $$$(USD or CDN), usually go to local restaurants.
We try to buy local food and produce when in Canada, United States (we have family) or Mexico.
We have established our Mexican home in La Penita de Jaltemba, Nayarit and will be moving permanently in the fall of 2017.
Prices are much lower in some area and when negotiating with locals.

Thus being said, everything is in your personal taste and what you like to do finally!
Go luck on your project


Thanks for your great post I agree almost enirely with.

Like you I like to know what is the "FUKUSHIMA problem" I never heard of it (expect the Nuclear disaster in Japan). "
What can it be when it comes to expatriates?

As a single 70 yrs young guy,can I live on a income of $ 2000 per month not looking for a lavish life style I'm very laid back.I would prefer to live near the beach in a furnish apartment I bedroom for about 2 months and see if l like the change in life style before I make it permanent.I don't speak Spanish will that be a problem for me,really not sure where I want to live in Mexico,I'm very active look and feel more like in my 50's,do you have any suggestions where might be a nice town in Mexico for me to live in.

Any extra cesium 137, is more than I want in my fish. Mercury is bad enough. The Pacific will show traces of cesium-137 for some time because Japan has not contained the problem.  The west coast has shown an increase in thyroid cancer also. I plan on staying as healthy as possible, so I try to eat and live where it is healthier.
Because of my background I keep close tabs on those things, and read the current research. Government tolerable limits have a way of changing so I don't take their word for it. I do the evaluation of the research myself.

It's a matter of health choices and exposure. No I don't live on a boat.

Yes, you could probably but you would have to really look around and negotiate with locals. The best would be to arrive before or after the peak season mid-nov. till mid-april.
As an example, in La Penita de Jaltemba you could rent a small one bedroom very near the ocean for 5000 pesos and even less if you are ready to be more out of the center (about 350$ canadian). As far as eating, then the local produce (fruits and veggies) can be found at a good price (ex: kilo of tomatoes less then 1$ CDN). Cheap local restaurant will go cheap also (ex: a beef liver plate BIG for 55$ pesos or 4$CDN). Imported produce are expensive so are sodas like Coke. Fish, chicken varies from 35 to 120 pesos a kilo. (actual ATM rate exchange 1$CDN=14,15 pesos)

Good luck on your project.


It was live "aboard" not abroad. Yes like living and traveling on a boat. Still looking for as much information as possible. It is always good to have as much info as possible, especially when it comes to boating.

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