Do i still need to get a separate visa?

Hi good day!

im planning for a holiday.
I intend to visit romania as my first destination but will also be traveling to Schengen member countries.
Which is why I applied for a Schengen visa as i know this can be used for Romania to save time on applications of visas.

If i obtained a Schengen visa, can i still use it to enter Romania (first destination in Europe) from Manila or should i get separate Romanian visa?

Yeap u can use ur schengen visa here.. :)

Thanks. Even if Romania will be my first destination from Manila? Sorry, i just want to make sure because I dont want to be refused entry.

If your Schengen visa is with 2 or multiple entries, you're good to go.  Otherwise, you need a Romania visa.

Romaniac Experts Team

Thanks. Im just worried that the immigration wont let me enter Romania as it will be my first destination this time.

Last year i went to Romania but it was between my travel to Schengen member states.

Thanks for confirming.

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