How to find job opportunities for a couple in Ireland

Hi all,

we are a couple and we are considering to change our job/lives and expat in a country like Ireland to work together.
The question might appear too simple, but how (and if) is possible to find some opportunities for couples in Ireland or to manifest our interest in entering in a business a couple?
We looking for something like managing a pub, a small B&B or hostel, or something similar. We do not have enough money to acquire a business or open a new one, so we would consider opportunities were someone already has a business and is looking for people want to run it.

Tipically job advertisement website are not specialized into this kind of opportunities, maybe the networking can be better but I do not know how and where we can find a network for this...

Any idea is appreciated.


First thing to think about is your citizenship status? Are either of you EU citizens or have Irish citizenship?

@cullin we are both EU citizens, so this should be a plus for the bureaucracy


Yes, it will help greatly. I'm not terribly up on work issues but you might try a head hunter (employment agency) or responding online or by phone for jobs advertised.

I do hear over and over that being on the ground is more than helpful. We didn't need jobs but we did rent a place for a month the Autumn before our move as a try out. You might do the same, staying in a hostel or such to save Euro, to job hunt.

Do you know where you'd like to settle?

well, I understand being there to search job might help. The big question I see is the type of the job. I mean, if I want to look for a 'standard' job, it might be a job in my actual sector (inside IT) I can find it from Italy and then relocate once hired. I would have no problem in doing this since my actual skills are currently needed around. BUt what about if you look for a 'different' job like become the manager of a pub? And I do not want to say manager in term of the supervisor, but manager intended as you are the total responsible to run the business and get a normal salary plus a percentage over revenue. How this kind of job can be found?
In my country, for instance, there are different positions for person (especially couple) want to run a business (i.e a mountain retreat or a B&B...) but they're not normally published. You can find them if you are part of the association of mountain guides or by word of mouth.

I am pretty sure that Ireland, the country of B&B and pubs, seeks this kind of people...but I am not sure how to find it. Furthermore, all websites have job posting section, but no section for job seekers (or I have never found such website)


Ah, I suspect the kind of job you're thinking of is a word-of-mouth affair. I've started to pick up the casual work I prefer by getting to know people in my community.

I wonder if you might not meet with success if you brought an IT job with you from Italy and used that to generate steady income as you settle in, get known and get to know people. Every community is different and it can take some time to find your place.

I don't know about Ireland (and far less about Italy), but I can tell you as a former vocational rehab counselor that in the US one is always more employable when one is employed. It may be the same here. I do know that Ireland is a society in which it really is who you know. They rely on their community networks and it works well.

Pubs are hard pressed here, at least in the rural area in which we're living. The culture has changed and pubs are closing one by one, which is kind of depressing. (Although our neighbours who were running one of them are relieved to be done with it. They can now focus on their other business, which has better prospects.)

We came over to visit the cousins and reconnoiter every two or three years for decades before we moved. It was a HUGE help.

The more time you can spend here prior to making a move the easier your transition will be. Come, talk to pub owners, ask people you meet. Take the temperature of the place.

Keep us posted as things move along for you.

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