Getting published in an English magazine in Thailand or Asia

Hi All

Just a quick question.  What is the best magazine in Thailand to have a long form article published on parenting?

I noticed, in Pattaya particularly, there are many older men with young children.  Also reading many sites there is little published in general terms about advice to children especially growing up from a father's perspective.  What parents particular men teach their children are limited in both social and academic literature. So I wrote two pieces on parenting, advice to my son and another advice to my daughter. Both are medium length  2400-2500 words and would like to get them published. but noticed most magazines do not like longer pieces. The pieces are decent and relevant to Thai, as here is where I did my research. I am still developing my style and skill so looking for local publication to build on. Also the competition in English language countries are greater.

Anyone here writes for a magazine that may be interested? Getting feedback from local editors is almost non existent only if they publish your piece.  I got notification from one local magazine after the piece was published.

Thanks in advance.


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