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Information about moving to Saudi Arabia

I wish to have some information about moving to Saudi Arabia if you could help me: it necessary to have a male mahram in order for a female to move to Saudi Arabia.
2.if yes ,is it mandatory for a mahram to be present in Saudi all the time or he can drop his female relative and leave? much a single entry visit/tourist visa costs?

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You can't just move to KSA. The person moving to KSA must have a sponsor already in KSA whether it is a direct family member or a job offer.

Females who are employed in KSA do not have to be dropped off by a family member.  They will have a company sponsor.

There are no tourist visas. A direct family member (mother, father, daughter) who is living in KSA may sponsor another family member for a visit visa, but not everyone is allowed to get these visas (it depends on the profession of the employee). Also just because they can get one does not mean MOI will grant a visa.

The costs just went up. You need to go to the MOI website (KSA government website) to find the current costs.

Can't have been said better.

One clarification though:

stressedmom :

The person moving to KSA must have a sponsor already in KSA whether it is a direct family member...

Father or husband to be precise.

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