Flying in and out of Jakarta

There has been some changes to Airlines and terminals at Soekarno Hatta Airport Jakarta.

Airasia are now in Terminal 2 for all flights
Citilink is in Terminal 1
Lion Air and Batik air are all in Terminal 1 except international and thats in Terminal 2
Garuda domestic is in the new Terminal 3 building while international flights are currently still going from Terminal 2
Sriwijaya is in Terminal 2

Of course this will change as the new Ultimate terminal (T3u) becomes populated, but according to some websites KLM are using it for domestic flights, although I would assume thats code sharing with Garuda.

More can be found here

For those lucky enough to use Halim then Citilink, Batik, Susi and Wings all fly from there. Citilink gives you the choice to fly from both airports so make sure you check which one you are flying from. … t/airlines

Both websites give excellent information about buses and taxis and rates which is beyond useful.

And ... bonus.

They're building a rail link from central Jakarta to SH.

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