Changshu is miserable

anyone in Changshu ? its so remote, not a foreigner in sight, well except for me. transportation is next to 0. have been all over China. from north to south and in between for almost 10 years now. this has to be the least ''friendly'' place in the entire country. teaching at a school with the most miserable native co-workers ever. cabs wont even pick me up unless i pay double or triple.  i live on campus. and yes, places like this with ancient hateful ideals do exist. im ''stuck'' here until June.  makes me wonder why i gave up being a retail slave for barely over $9.00 an hour.  i hate this place. no its not homesickness or culture shock. just a lack of anyone even slightly nice. anyone ?

You should visit me in Changde which is a two-hour car ride from Changsha.  Like Changsha there is not a lot of foreigners and not too much to do such as entertainment.  Try to make the best of it, taking a gap year looks good on a resume and it might open doors for you in the future, for example, graduate school.

i am in changshu, not changsha--- which i have previously been to. thanks, i will consider it.

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