My baby was born IN colombia

Hello everybody my name is Fernando , I am a born us citizen and i had a girlfiend here and she was from colombia,now she got pregnant, but things didnt werent working out between me and her, although dont ge tme wrong i am overly excited for my baby, but unfortunately she decided to go back to colombia to have the baby which i thought was absolutely absurd, how could have she seperated the baby from me, the baby (Leah) has been born now, i want to know what i can do to bring the baby back to the U.s or is that even possible,

Immigration attorneys and embassy officials are more reliable than layperson Expats for expertise in such a matter.

I will say this....

If (a) there is no marriage certificate and (b) you lack proof of paternity and (c) the mother is residing in Colombia and you’re not -- then you’re three steps behind the proverbial 8-ball.


Fernando, are you going to take care of that baby? Because I've found in life that no one loves a child as much as his mother.

of course im going to take care of the baby, and yes a mothers love toward their offspring cannot be compared to anything .

we werent married, i have no proof that she is my daughter, and i am in florida and she moved back to colombia before the baby was born. and yes i think i need some legal help

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