Dating single Khmer girls

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I've got a friend he used to have a Cambodian girl and has to pay to her/family around 70 bucks per month, as a part of the "deal". He explained me that such is the culture there. So, I suppose that is something that the Western guys have to accept it?
Looks like it's the same business that JoeKhmer explained here earlier ...

Well, in Asian culture you are often supposed to support the extended family though not always. I have a Khmer girlfriend and I pay nothing to her family.

Well, you are lucky!

The $70 guy is also lucky.

Usually one has to calculate about $250 per month.
I do this too, it saves asking for more money for whatever reason (sick buffalo, motorbike brother and so on). From her private  money she can do what she wants, but not ask me for any more contributions.

It works fine as no nagging, also if the gf walks away you don't spend that money anymore, whereas with dowry you lose the whole sum.
I introduced this system when living in Thailand, to avoid sinsod and to give the girl the money instead of the greedy mother.
If the girl stays long enough she will have more money received from you than in a single sinsod/dowry transaction.....

Was there a system like that ?? Where is the love 😂😂

Ok, short way of how I see it.

There are loads of SE Asian women, that married (too) young, got one or two babies and when the husband felt he got less attention (they are spoiled brats) he left her, saying: you can keep the kids, I don't pay for them though, bye. The women were left with no money, not much chance to work and with kid(s) to take care of. The attitude of the local men makes them not wanting a local anymore. The only way to improve their life (and that of their parents and siblings) is to find a foreigner who will take care of her and family.

She has to offer her youth, beauty, and be caring and a good partner.
He (foreigner) is many times quite a bit older, single, has enough money to have a good life and can share that good life with a lovely, young and caring local girl.

Together they start a relationship, based on mutual respect.

Nothing wrong with that, it can work out for many years and be a great relationship.

The only problem that foreigners are confronted with is the "duty" of the girl to support her family. It is indoctrinated in girls that they have to support their families, and so nearly every girl has this burden to ask her partner for money to support her family. As I stated before I solve it by supplying an amount,  that she can spend the way she wants. That serves both sides and prevents quests for contributions.

Hope this explains my (personal) view.


JoeKhmer :

Nothing wrong with that

Hope this explains my (personal) view.

Agreed and it does rather well.
Men coming into Asia have to get used to a new way to live and new versions of what family means to the people you decided to live with.
The ideal of supporting the family is held all over the region so you're right, find a way to control it and you'll be able to live with the local ways.

I suuport that kind of relationship as long as both sides are honest.
E.g. i do not respect if a girl on the top of that money that a foreign partner gives it to her ( say $250 per month...) spends another $500 for food ( so called " the costs blow up" !?)...
But there are good and bad persons on  each side ...
In general , i have impression that Asian women are more caring persons than the others....

SE Asian girls are very caring indeed, sometimes they tell you you are not well even before you realize that yourself. They are absolutely adorable inside and outside, where for me the Khmer girls stand out a bit over their Asean sisters.

Of course there are money-seekers and gold-diggers among them, but it is up to the man to discover that, and there are only 2 chances: you're in time or you're too late (meaning you lost money and a girl). :)

Hi Vicmot,
For what it’s worth, my view is that you’re trying to fit square pegs into round holes. Joe has said all that is relevant; my suggestion is to move on.

I have a girlfriend I give 250$ a month , she can do as she pleases give it all to her family, it’s up to her , and this is a great trade off, causes less problems and you get it all back , a good Cambodian girl will not only be beautiful outside but also inside , it’s not a gold digger thing , oh sometimes yes , but mostly you will never find a woman more attentive and kind and will do her best to create harmony in the house hold , so 250$ is cheap, and fair as the women lose face if they marry a broke westerner, so I took jo advice and it’s worked for two years , of course if you love her and a westerner you already know 250$ is a deal , in my country they take the money then treat you like dirt , Cambodian women are kind and mostly honest, but make sure your ground rules are right up front, and with her money , that’s it it’s hers , she can buy new cloths , or help her family, but if she wants more money she will have to wait until next month , just different culture, too many fine beautiful nice Cambodian women have been left with kids and no support and no way to get a job, like jo said, so be kind and believe me unlike most western women they will make sure you know they appreciate you everyday

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Another great informative thread with great advice 👌 


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Another great informative thread with great advice 👌 


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