Hi all,

New to this website, really hoping to find some luck with it. I want to move to Ireland and work for a bit, I am nervous about finding a job. I am currently a project manager for a construction firm in New York and do rather well for myself. I have applied to quite a few companies however, I would imagine being there would help. Any advice?

Hi ErinLeigh5890,

For a good start, i invite you to have a look at the Living in Ireland guide , it might help you with some of your questions.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Thanks ! I read through those, was just trying to see is anyone had some real experience to share !

Hi Erin,

You're absolutely right. Being here would make things easier and people will be more keen to propose directly some face to face interviews.

So I highly recommend you to come over with your CV/resume up-to-date.

You can also mention it at the end of it that you're in the country from xx to xx 201X for face interviews.

I've done it like myself and it worked straight forward within few days.

Best of luck.

Kind regards,

Portgas D. Ace

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