Hi, I'm from India want to marry Brazilian in Brazil

I know it's difficult for Indians to get 3 months tourist visa. then I start searching for other ways to get married in Brazil.
I came up with 2 ways.

1) there is an office in sao Paulo casamentocivil.Br they handle all Personalised Assistance and Paper Handling on the Civil Wedding. while I'm in India. they will do all the work and they will inform me the wedding date on which I'll have to be present. I can take tourist visa for 10 days or less but I will have to be present on the giving wedding date.
that's it? I think. if there is any other office in Rio which can help me with this kind of work please suggest me on whom I can trust.

2) on student visa? can I marry on student visa while learning Portuguese language.
this visa is for 6 to 12 months.

but I prefey option (1) taking help from casamentocivil.
if anybody have knowledge about it or can give any suggestions.

You Have boyfriend right now ? voce tem Namorado Brasileiro ? posso te responder varias perguntas , Seu namorado e de que nacionalidade ?

read this

hello vpaiva52

I'm from India and my girlfriend is from Brazil.
I don't know how to find job in Brazil I'm in India now.
I want to live with her. without job it's very difficult for me to stay in Brazil.

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