I am not a machine nor I produce scam !!!!

My name is Giuseppe and I will come to Malta soon for job reasons.
I was just contacting users to rent a room and copy and paste was the simpler option.

What do I have to say more?

According to the rules, you did send spam - maybe
However, there is still an issue if you were sending the message to people who have advertised in the housing section.
That's being addressed at the moment.

If you are looking for an accommodation or want to offer one, please go to the Malta Housing section.

in order to ensure quality to our users, and to considerably reduce the number of spam sent by private messages, we decided to set up a few new rules.

But we'll start with a few explanations.

Our definition of spam ?
Unsolicited emails or private messages.

How we detect spam ?
90% of spam is sent by new users
90% of spam are "copy and paste messages"

Please, please...
Don't send the same message to several users without taking the time to explain us how we could help you on the forum.

If you are a new user and if you post more than 5 copy and paste messages, your private message system gets blocked.

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