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Hello all!

I am new to this forum and to Malta. Moving to Malta at the end of January, with a 2 month old baby and hopefully will like it!

I am moving together with my husband, who will work there. I am planning to stay for a few months  - not sure whether I need to register or not?

I wanted to enquire about the health services in Malta - how does it work if you are coming from another EU country?

Is it necessary to get an insurance to visit doctors or can yo just show up and pay? I have the blue EU health card, which is supposed to guarantee that you can go and see a doctor in another EU country if you are staying there for more than a month, but not sure whether that would work in Malta?

Also while we are at it - any recommendations for a good pediatrician in Malta?

Here is a partial response which others may wish to add to.

At the primary care level, there is both a public and a private sector in Malta.  Public healthcare is delivered through eight polyclinics or "health centres".  There are also many private "family doctors" where you can indeed turn up and pay.  They are not very expensive (perhaps around €20 for a consultation).  Even consultants can often be seen privately for around €50.

You will find some reports from people using the health centres if you look back on the forum. My impression: the centres work, but they are not especially user-friendly, especially if you don't understand the system, and you might consider €20 for a private consultation as money well spent.

If your husband is formally working as an employee in Malta, then I think his employer will get him a formal work/residence permit which will cover his family too.  And if he is employed in Malta, then he will pay social security contributions which will provide public health cover for him and his family, including you.  However, I am guessing a bit here about his and your circumstances and you would be well advised to check.   

Hope that helps.


The EHIC ( European Health Insurance Card) provides you with emergency medical treatment at the same conditions as locals when you are visiting a EU country.

Once you become a resident it does not cover you anymore. So , until your husband receives his work permit and residency you can count on still being a tourist.So you should also check how long your EHIC card is valid after leaving your home country permanantly as it is often tied to being insured in your home country.

Once you are a resident of Malta and are covered through the NI in Malta you can apply for a new EHIC card that will  be issued from Malta.

As John already said, you're husband should be in the national health system through his work and that would include his family.

You might still want to consider going to a private doctor as it is not that expensive per visit.


thank  you for your input. very useful. Looks like I will be using private health services, when needed.

private healthcare here can be quite reasonable - i beleive sana healthcare can offer plans from 21euros per month.

we use a private doctors here in mellieha for 7 euros per consultation then the cots of your medication.

yes you can use the clinics etc or the mater dei hospital but the excessive waiting (upto 6 hours) tends to put you off.

The last time I went to a private  Dr. here in Pembroke it was only 8 Euro...   Now if you have insurance that price jumps to 30 Euro..    Malta is funny that way.

Yes, my experiences at Mater Dei is that the wait is long, there'll be queue jumping, and my last experience no announcements were made in English. That said, people were, with exception, helpful as one finds everywhere.

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