Looking to rent in Spring 2017 near/around Dinan area

Hallo folks, first post, so here goes.  We are a retired couple who believe in looking before you leap and so are  looking to rent in Brittany (Dinan area preferred but would consider further afield).  So we are hoping to rent a small flat, house, (or part of) for 2 or three months from about February onwards next year.  We would hope to get a real idea of French lifestyle, especially the language, at which we are both pretty poor, but can get by. 

If there is anyone out there with a small property to let whilst we search for our French home, let us know.  We'd be pleased to hear from you......and if you have any ideas other than flats or houses (we did consider a caravan but not a tent!) we'd love to hear them.

Thanks in advance


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