Cambodian Business Visa hurdles. HELP!

As the title states.... I'm experiencing a hurdle at the Cambodia embassy in DC. They are requesting an invitation letter from an entity within Cambodia. Is this new? I have watched many videos on YouTube about the simplicity of obtaining a E visa, but none of these videos mention an invitation letter. The embassy is also asking for $40 for a 30 day E visa. I'm planning on teaching English in Cambodia, but the jobs have to be applied for in person. Can someone please help?

best is just arrive in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh airport and get a visa on arrival. make sure it is an ordinary visa NOT a tourist visa. the first 2 letters must be EI,  NOT TI. that's valid for 30 days. then go to most travel agencies and get a 1 year extension to that visa. it will cost average US$295. simple

Excellent advice from Chrisbeit, just arrive at PP and apply for a Ordinary visa. Never mention your job wish, it's not important and also not asked. If you plan to stay longer than 60 days in the country the only visa that allows that is the Ordinary visa (used to be called business visa) It costs $35 and is hassle free.

Probably your approach at the embassy, applying for a business visa because you're gonna work, triggered their reaction.

Hi.  You can get a business visa on arrival @ $35.  It will be valid for a month and then you can have a travel agent (or you can do it yourself) extend it for 6 months or so.   Hope that helps.  If you get the e-visa online you then will have to apply for the business visa once you are inside and then they will extend it.

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