job openings in hospital administration

Dear friends. Can any one tell about job openings in hospital administration in any hospital/medical centres etc. I am looking for job in hospital administration. Please reply if any one is knowing about job openings any where in Saudi Arabia

This most important of some hospitals, you can login to the main site for them or communicate with them on the job, and there are many others..

2. Dallah Hospital (native)
Abdul Rahman Al Raqa'i Palm neighborhood street Tel: 4702777-4702911

3. the Riyadh National Hospital (native)
436. Salah ELDIN (60)-Malaz phone: 4671211

4. slave Hospital (native)
Al-Farazdaq Street-Malaz phone: 4767222

5. security forces Hospital (Government)
Saladin Street-Malaz phone: 4774480

6. King Faisal specialist hospital and Research Center (Government)
Zahrawi Street-District Mather phone: 4647272

7. the ghouri (native)
13. Abdul Malik bin Marwan-district phone conferences: 4640800-4648737

8. Green Crescent Hospital (native)
20. Street of Abdul Malik bin Marwan-district phone conferences: 4644434

9. hospital Dr Rahman Meshari (native)

10. Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz Hospital (Government)
Aysha Bint ABI Bakr Al-mansourah district phone: 4411100

11. hospital Riyadh military hospital program and the output (Government)
-Sulaimaniyah phone: 4777714

12. hospital metruck (native)
Prince Majid bin Abdul Aziz-district phone: 4931762 Rayyan-4968480

13. Riyadh care hospital-former insurance (native)
Imam Ahmad bin hanbal Street-alrawabi phone: 4933000

14. Kingdom Hospital (native)
1. specialist spring neighborhood street Street Tel: 2751111

15-King Khalid University Hospital (Government)
Duc neighborhood phone: 4670011

16. the mental health hospital (Government)
King Khaled Street-District Lavender phone: 4804548

17-King Khaled eye specialist hospital (Government)
34. the orouba Street-district or Western bathroom phone: 4821234

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