Obtaining Credit

Soon I will return to KSA to start my new 2 year contract.

I want to get a car, how does the finance work? Is it based on my credit in the UK or do KSA have separate system?

KSA has totally different systems. Your UK history won't count but with a clean-sheet history, they'll definitely let you have loan/lease.

Thanks :)

I know how Saudi credit works. The idea is to take customer service, and turn it into a means of demeaning and humiliating customers. After all, you are in Saudi Arabia the employer of last resort.
Take my example. I applied for a credit card well over 5 months ago. I turned in an application, copy of my iqama, and salary certificate. I even provided them with a copy of my renewed iqama. I went on vacation in June and months wnet by.
In Sept. I followed up, and they lost the copy of my iqama and they asked me to bring another one. 2 weeks go by. Then they asked me why I was not paid for July and Aug. (well, it's because I'm a teacher!) They asked me to bring in a letter from my employer explaining why I had no salary in those months. (mind you, this is Saudi Investment Bank which is one of the "best" banks) They had no clue why education companies do not pay in July & August. I turned in their paperwork and I am done with the application. Credit cards used to be easy before oil went to $40 per barrel. now they are tighter than used camel dealers.

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