Getting married in Lithuania


I am an Egyptian citizen,I love a Lithuanian lady and I want to travel to Lithuania to marry her, she cannot come to Egypt because of her work. I have these certificates :

1- My birth certificate.
2- My Divorce certificate.
3- "Free to marry" certificate.
4- My passport.

I would like to know if anything else is required for the marriage purpose in Lithuania.  I have these certificates translated into English,should I translate them into Lithuanian ?

I know that I have to be in Lithuania in person to submit these documents to the Civil Registry and A 30-day waiting period is required. I have been to Lithuania before for tourism, but I do not know what type of visa should I apply to this time? And how can I have a long visa to for the 30 days waiting period? Should she send an invitation for me?

I sent this mail for the Lithuanian embassy in Egypt and I'm waiting for their replay but maybe you could help her too.

Thank you for your time, I look forward for your answer, it will be a great help for me.

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